Hordes Circle starter finished

I managed to finish the Circle of Orboros starter today. I did a quick job on the three Warbeasts and spent a bit more time on Kaya but she was also somewhat rushed. Still I’m quite satisfied with the results. The Argus was a bit more problematic o paint than I thought it would be due to the small spaces between the armour plates on its head and neck. Some of them are perhaps a bit too close to paint accurately. At least for me…

The Warbeasts and Kaya’s armour were all drybrushed. The rest of Kaya was painted with traditional methods and I also started to use thinner and matte medium in the paint when I was doing blending. It makes an amazing difference. The paint flows better and is more translucent so its much easier to build up layers of highlights on the miniature without overdoing the colour and making the highlights too stark.

Her skin is a bit of a screw-up as I started to work with a Game Colour range pant but then quickly realised that it was too loose to use to paint highlights on her fingers. I had to go to using another set of colours from the Model Colour range and so the blending isn’t as good and the detail in her hands isn’t the best.

This is the third starter set I have assembled and painted (two Hordes and one Warmachine) and I am going to get a Cygnar starter finished so I can apply for Press Ganger status and start to do some demos locally. I’ve actually been doing demos and some people actually think I am a Press Ganger so I figured that it might be a good idea to make it official. :-)

One thing I did learn from painting up these miniatures so quickly is that my “quick” method of painting still gives me an acceptable gaming standard so I may be able to actually keep up with Hordes releases and still not have to worry about the quality of my painting.