Dire Trolls and Woldwardens

The new Warbeasts for Hordes were in today at my FLGS. None of the troops arrived so I’ll have to wait for the Scattergunners and the Wolves of Orboros. Not that I mind since I am painting up some Long Gunners and Stormblades for my Cygnar force.

The Woldwarden went together very easily and the model has a very dynamic pose. The Dire Troll has been a bit more difficult to put together but only because the green stuff I am using to bond the upper and lower torse together wasn’t curing as quick as I would have thought. Time to open a new pack.

The Dire Troll has almost no seams on any of the parts and I was actually able to put all of it together, with the above exception, with glue.

Pictures later after I get the Dire Troll on its base