Hordes photos

So first up is Baldur and the Woldwarden. Baldur’s left had is a bit botched but I’m satisfied with how the rest of him came out. The Woldwarden towers over Baldur and you can see that the right arm is positioned nicely in mid-attack. Its a very dynamic sculpt and the miniature really does look as if it was assembled from stones, twine and wood.

I’m not as happy with Hoarlock but that may be that I didn’t take as much time with the miniature as I should have in order to get it done before the new Hordes miniatures arrived. I didn’t put the scroll on the base as I really don’t like the way it looks. The Dire Troll is a brute and has some really great detail on the miniature. The underside of his hands have a wonderful amount of wrinkling and lining that maek the hands look quite realistic. In fact to me they are the most striking part of the model.

The Dire Troll isn’t as high as the Woldwarden but it is twice the weight and even in the pose it is in (curled and twisted into a ball full of rage) its still a pretty big miniature.

Both of the minis were very well done and I’m quite happy with them both and looking forward to painting them.