Scattergunners and Dire Trolls

So amongst a lot of other things (like adding some new features at TGN) I managed to get some painting and assembly done today. I’ve been working on the Dire Troll for the last few days and he is coming along. I’ve got the skin done and claws/teeth and I’m now working on the stones in his skin as well as his spines. I expect that I’ll get him done before the weekend so I can bring him down for our regular Saturday Hordes gaming event. I may also try to push to get him done for this Thursday when I will be having some people over for gaming.

While some of the Dire Troll was drying I started assembling the first six Trollkin Scattergunners. I am very impressed with the miniatures. Nice poses, nice sculpts and they are very expressive miniatures as well. It took a little work to get them together but nothing serious. I am though a little worried about my ability to be able to paint a unit of *ten* medium base creatures before the next set of Hordes releases.

And that isn’t even considering that July will have Superiority and new Confrontation releases as well. Keeping up with all these minis is almost a job in itself.