Woldwardens then Marines

So the Woldwarden is almost finished. I am doing some of the runes in a glowing green effect and then I need to do the base and its ready to game with.

After that I will be taking a break from painting Hordes minis. I’ve been painting and building then nonstop for almost two months now and I’m starting to get a bit weary of them. I have my unit of Scattergunners assembled and the unit of Wolves. IIRC there are no Circle or Trollblood releases this month and I don’t particularly want any of the new Warmachine solos that are coming out this month either.

So I think I am going to go back and try to finish the squad of Marines that has been on my table for three or four months. The Marines are about half done so it should only take a few days to get them finished.

Once that is done I need to go ahead and assemble a few other Marine units as I want to a) get a playable 1500 pt force ready regardless of whether pr not its painted and b) I am getting some of the other minis painted for me and I need to have them ready to go. So the Devastators, Terminators and the Rhino are all going to be put together and primed this coming week as well.