Rebased Marines

The new GW Urban basing kits came in this week and so I took the opportunity to not only rebase my painted Marines using the kits but also to rebase them on 30mm round Warmachine bases.

The kits come with some large shale pieces (that are actually just rock) and some very small and light grey and white urban “flock” that looks like it might also be stone. The light flock is a little flaky to be used on its own but it looks quite nice when used with some light sand to create a very nicely textured base.

The wire that comes in the set is very nice as well but it is very bright, shiny and new. I am going to be priming the rest of it and then drybrushing and washing it to make it look more worn and dirty. It currently looks like it came from a hardware store and it doesn’t hold an ink wash at all.

I think that the new bases give the Marines a much nicer look that the smaller GW bases. You can check the Marines out in their original bases to compare.

Instead of using black to paint the base edges I used Valejjo German Grey. Its dark but not overwhelming like Black often is and it provides enough contrast with the bases that it allows the bases to be quite visible.