Riders with brass spears

A week or so ago I asked on a messageboard about the usability of Veni Vedi Vici brass spears as replacements for the broken plastic spears on some Riders of Rohan.

Justin Taylor the owner of 3V replied that they were too large but offered some 20mm scale spears that he had assembled for another project.

The spears arrived a week later and I was a bit too busy to get to work with them at the time (and still aren’t really :-) but I took some time today to get a few of the assembled. I took a few quick snaps of the newly restored Riders (click for larger versions).

The spears are much smaller in proportion that the plastic ones that they replace but they are also much more realistic. I had to trim the spears slightly to get them to fit in with the models as they were made for infantry troops, I am supposing, but cavalry spears need to be smaller.

Very nice looking spears and its a pity you can’t buy any more from 3V. Thanks to Justin for sending the spears along.