White Dwarf 2

The second Canadian issue of White Dwarf hit the mailbox today and I’m even less impressed with this issue as I was with issue #1. It just seems as if there is nothing to read in the magazine. And while I’ve not been one to critique WD in the past as being nothing more than a catalogue it is indeed starting to feel like that.

Perhaps part of this has to do with the lack of content in the magazine. The two Canadian issues of White Dwarf have been about 100 pages. A 30% drop in page count from the US issues. And still at the same price mind you. A price that is still at a ridiculous price when compared to the US White Dwarf.

So Canadians are paying a premium to get a smaller magazine. One wonders what the logic behind this is?

According to some people I know who have contacts with the Canadian Design Studio the problem is that the Canadian print run is a fraction of the US print run and so it is more expensive to print.

But surely the folks at GW Canada knew this when they planned on producing the magazine. And if so why did they make a decision to create a product that would have to contain fewer pages and still get sold to Canadians at a premium price?

It seems as if GW Canada made a decision that they knew was going to screw their readers and did so knowing this?

Very odd.