Sci fi rules

So I have been doing some noodling with the basic concepts for my sci-fi rules.

I spent some time discussing the idea of using a D10 but after some thought I think that I will be using a 2D6 mechanic, similar to Warmachine. In fact I will be pulling a few idea from Warmachine as it is probably my favourite skirmish(ish) system on the market.

The benefit of a 2d6 system is that it has the same wider range as a D10 but it offers two things that a D10 doesn’t. It is more predicatable in that you can assume an average role to determine what your most probably outcome is. A D10 has a linear outcome of results in that a 10 is just as likely as a 1. In a 2D6 mechanic the higher and lower results are much less likely than the average result. This allows gamers to determine their outcomes with some predictability. This also allows the game to have a lot less random results. Fewer improbable hits, fewer improbable misses and in general a game where the dice can sometimes give heroic results or dramatic failures but aften give more average results. The random nature of the dice is less a factor.

So here are some basic points about the game.


ST – Strength: The unit’s physical strength either natural or augmented
DF – Defense: How difficult the unit is to hit by melee or ranged fire
AR – Armour: How tough the unit is and how difficult it is to damage the unit. Either physical survivability or actual armour
FT – Fighting: The unit’s melee combat ability
SH – Shooting: The unit’s ranged combat ability
CD – Command: The unit’s ability to withstand the effects of combat or to influence other units
AP – Action Points: The number of points that the unit can spend when it is activated to perform actions. Each action, unless noted, requires the expenditure of one Action Point.
SP – Speed: The unit’s base speed in inches. This is the distance it can move when it spends an Action Point to move


Special Action
Special Attack

Game process

Marker Phase
Remove all markers from units still on the table

Initiative Phase
Roll for initiative

Action Phase
The player who won initiative determines who starts to activate units first. Then starting with the first player, each player takes turns activating two units , one after the other. The activating player must complete all their actions with the current unit before activating their second unit