Thanks for the minis but %$!@# you

This was originally going to be posted at the TMP messageboards but I thought that it would be pointless to do so. The topic is inflammatory by its very nature and its not going to result in any fruitful discussion.

The issue involves a few recent posts on TMP that I think are a bit questionable.

The site recently hosted a Workbench article that discussed painting two Necron Monoliths using colour shifting paint. From reading the article it seems clear that GW supplied these kits to Bill at TMP for the article or just as a promotion. These painted models are now being auctioned as a small fundraiser for TMP.

The next day Bill started a topic on the TMP messageboards that strikes me as problematic. The topic is a bit of a joke about what the discarded titles for the GW Battle for Skull Pass boxed set were. Innocent perhaps in itself but Bill must know his readership enough to know that this topic would, and has, turned into a small (for TMP) flame about GW.

The appearance is, to my eyes, that TMP will take GW goods but also disparage the company at the same time or open the company up for disparagement on their messageboard. Either way Bill appears to want to have his cake in the form of free goodies from GW but also generate messageboard traffic by starting up anti-GW topics.

This seems disingenuous if not hypocritical. If Bill doesn’t like GW then why is he taking freebies from them? And if he isn’t harbouring negative feelings toward the company then why is he starting a topic that he knows will result in people belittling GW and in a few cases belitting people who play GW games? Is this comment “Battle for their pocket money till their balls drop?” or “”Prattle for the Numbskulls’ Cash”” really necessary? Is the historical crowd at TMP so immature that they need to resort to this sort of thing? And why would the editor of a site deliberatly fan these flames?

Its small wonder that GW appears to not send any PR info to TMP but what it makes me wonder is why Bill allows such negativity to be promoted on his messageboards. And starting it up is even more bewildering.