White Dwarf

Perhaps these comments are limited only to the Canadian version of the magazine but in the last few months White Dwarf has become everything that its detractors have labelled it. The magazine is now almost entirely a glossy catalogue of GW games and miniatures that you happen to pay a fairly significant amount of money for.

The latest version of White Dwarf arrived in the mail the other day and the first 23 pages were utterly free from content. And this is actually a charitable comment since I am counting the contributors page filled with single paragraph comments from the magazine team as content. If you want to discount that it wasn’t until page 30 that the actual content began.

And even that is a stretch. Page 30 is the start of an “article” that outlines what is in the new Legions of Middle Earth supplement.

You’d actually be hard-pressed to count anything in the magazine as original readable content with the exception of two very short battles reports and a very thin section of painting.

I’m not sure what has driven this change in the magazine other than a desire on GW’s part to limit costs but cutting almost all the meat from the magazine but as it currently stands White Dwarf isn’t any different than other glossy house magazines like Sony Style. Welll, except that GW wants you to pay for it.

Its really quite sad. Especially when you grab a magazine from three years ago (hell even from 8 months ago) and compare it to the latest issue.

It seems utterly self-destructive to follow this path and yet some management type at GW has seen this as a good idea; cutting costs at the expense of making the magazine unreadable.

As it stands GW owes an apology to anyone who pays for White Dwarf.

Did I also mention that we pay more per page for WD than anyone in the UK or US and that the magazine recently lost about 30 pages of content that doesn’t seem likely to reappear?