I had a chance to play quite a few games of the latest Wizards CMG Dreamblade. I’m in the process of doing a review of it for TGN but my first impressions of the game are very positive.

Its perhaps a bit overdone to say that it is a mix of chess and Magic but the game does a very good job of creating a CMG that adds positional aspects to the game (common to miniature games) but also easily adds the “combo” or synergy aspect that is quite common to Magic and other card games. In fact Dreamblade is more similar to Vs. from Upper Deck than it is to Magic in that each of the units in Dreamblade have a point cost and you need to create a warband in Dreamblade that has a nice even point cost distribution much as you would in Vs.

The gameplay can be very quick but there is actually quite a significant amount of tactical possibilities in the game and the limited actions you can do in each turn make it quite difficult for you to ever do everything that you want to do. Always the hallmark of a good game.

Now the game shares the same downside that all CMGs do in that the entry cost for the game can be rather expensive and the distribution of the random miniatures means that you often can’t get the entire set without going on to eBay.

That said, I’m actually quite impressed by the game and looking forward to expanding the collection I have and getting in some more games.