Thagrosh v. Baldur

We had a small 500pt Hordes game tonight as part of my preparation for a Hordes tournament this weekend at The Comicshop. I’ve switched from my usual Trollblood force to Circle for this tournament and I am also taking Baldur instead of my usual choice of Kaya.

My main concern for this tournament is Thagrosh and the Seraph. Both are tough units that I have not had a lot of experience playing against either of them. Except one game in which the Seraph quickly wiped out my Warpbeast :-)

So this was a good game to test out some strategies against an Everblight force with them both. And it did remind me that Thagrosh can bring back any Warbeast he wants when he pops his feat which typically means that you’ll be killing the Carnivean twice in a battle. As I had to do this game.

So while I haven’t had as many test matches as I would have liked before the tournament I feel a little more confident with the 500pt force that I have selected.