Hordes tournament

This weekend The Comicshop held its first Hordes tournament. The turnout was a bit low (only six people) but I think that this was mostly due to timing. The summer is usually a bad time to be holding events as the weather is usually good and someone is invariably having a wedding on the weekend.

All four factions were represented; two Everblight, two Trollblood, one Skorne and my Circle force. Both Everblight armies had Thagrosh and a Sereph and the Skorne army used Makeda. My Cirlce force was

  • Baldur
  • Warpwolf
  • 2 x Argus
  • Woldwarden
  • Totem Hunter
  • 8 x Wolves of Orobrus

I took Baldur mostly because I thought that he would be the one Circle Warlock that people wouldn’t have much experience with. Most people will have played Kaya on numerous occasions and I wanted to unbalance people a bit with a new Warlock.The tournament was a three game event using the recent Steamroller rules.

Game One
My first game was a King of the Hill match against Lucas and his Trollblood army using Madrak, two Impalers, the Mauler, the Axer and the Trollblood Champions. The game went down to the final turn(s) and in the end I was able to kill Madrak and then reduce Lucas down to a single unit (a lone Champion) so that there was no way he could contest the hill and then we called the game on VPs. I got some lucky results and was able to basically stop his Mauler from getting a charge which saved me from having to take a lot of damage. The Mauler really does need to have boosted attacks as in most of the games I have seen it misses unless the additional Fury is spent to boost attack rolls. With Lucas’ forces on the hill I was able to pick my attacks and I had a flanking force that consisted of the Totem Hunter and the two Argus that swept around to threaten him from the rear. I think that managed to stop him from just piling everything on the hill and making it impossible for me to win.

Game Two
Game two was an Assassination game against Shane and his Everblight force consisting of Thagrosh, four Shredders, the Carnivean, the Sereph, a unit of Blighted Swordsmen and a unit of Blighted Archers. I sent the Totem Hunter and the Wolves to take care of the Swordsmen and the Shredders and then used Rapid Growth to keep a 5″ area of woods between the Archers and the rest of my force at all times. I was able to take out the Sereph (before it could shot up my Woldwarden) and then the game bogged down a bit as our Warbeasts clumped up in the middle of the table and traded blows.

At one point I was actually a bit of a dick and didn’t allow Shane to correct a mistake he made by activating Thagrosh but only using him to heal a Shredder and then go on to use the Shredder. In a friendly game I wouldn’t have had a problem with him then activating Thagrosh but in a competitive environment I didn’t really feel comfortable doing it. Not only because it would impact my points but potentially impact the points and standings of other gamers. Probably a bit of poor sportsmanship on my part but I think I made up for it by showing him how to position one of his charging Shredders to block a possible charge by my Warpwolf on Thagrosh which I am certain would have ended the game.

The table had a lot of woods on it and so I was able to pop Baldur from wood template to wood template without risking free strikes. Something that ultimately let me attack Thagrosh and kill him but only after Shane was unsuccessful with his attacks on Baldur. A very close game in the end.

Game Three
The final game was the Killing Fields scenario from Steamroller and I have to start out by saying that I think it is a really unbalanced scenario. The player who goes first really has a tremendous advantage and something as simple as changing the way the control points are placed would make the scenario much better to play. The last game was against Chad with his Everblight army which, IIRC, was the same as Shane’s. I was hoping to play Jeff as I haven’t had a chance to play a 500 pt Skorne force nor play against their troops but the matches only worked out in such a way that I played Chad.

Chad got the first turn and was consequently able to grab a three point advantage starting on the second turn that I was never able to overcome. The high point of the game was being able to knock Chad off of all three control points in my last turn. Something I didn’t think was possible but I was able to do. Sadly it didn’t matter since Chad was able to move back onto them as I didn’t have enough troops to then claim them after I had cleared them. The scenario might also be better played at the 750pt level as well.

The final results for the tournament was a three way tie for first place between myself, Chad and Jeff. The determining factor was that I had the only fully painted force (pictures to follow later today or tomorrow) which goes to show that painting your army sometimes pays off :-)

All in all it was a good time and even the really poor balance of the last scenario didn’t diminish the final results. Hopefully we can get some more people out for the next Hordes event.