Federation Commander

Had an opportunity to play another game of Federation Commander last night at the monthly Trumpeter’s Friday Game Night. Had quite a lot of fun and am really starting to take a shine to this game. Despite not having a real firm grasp of the rules we were able to get a two player Duel game done in a few hours and there was not really any time I wasn’t quite involved in the game.

In order to keep the game simple we played a cruiser and frigate each and I took the Klingons. The game was going quite well until my opponent, Andrew, managed to hit my D7C cruiser with two Photon torpedo volleys and eliminate all but one Disruptor on the Klingon cruiser. Weapons I had forgone firing since I wanted to get in closer to maximise my chances to hit with overloaded Disruptors. Curses!

Luckily I was able to overcome this early setback and still take the game but quite a lot of that had to do with some late game dice luck (or lack of it) as Andrew missed with Photons at a critical point.

One issue that I really didn’t notice before was the change in the game that is bought about but having the offensive and Defensive Fire phases placed after four possible sub-impulses of movement. You tend to move slightly more than you think before being able to fire and also have fewer opportunities to take out Drones at a distance.

All in all it was a fun game and I am looking forward to playing the game again soon.