Warmachine madness

There was a sale recently at my FLGS and on the same day I traded some Vs. cards to another local store for some store credit so I am swamped with new Warmachine and Hordes minis. To be honest its a single Hordes miniature, another Woldwatcher to replace the Warpwolf in my non-Kaya Circle forces. The rest of the pile is new Menoth miniatures to expand the Menoth miniatures I added quite recently.

The recent haul is:

  • Redeemer
  • Devout
  • Zealot boxed set
  • Flameguard boxed set
  • Zealot Monolith Bearer

I also picked up another Senescahl to use to convert a leader for the second unit of Knights Exemplar. So I should be able to table both of those once I get them rebased. So I’ve now got more than enough minis to build a 500pt force.

Mind you in my urge to get troops etc I failed to pick up a Feora miniature. So I currently only have Kreoss.

Update: Well the stack of minis just got even more ridiculous. Quite some time ago I did some writing for Fanatic Magazine and only recently got off my ass to arrange to get paid. Andy at SG asked if I minded getting paid in minis instead of cash, as if there was really any doubt as to the answer.

I have, for some time, been very impressed with the Vostroyan minis that they released for 40K and so I got a stack of those as well as some minis to expand my 40K Orc army. So I have to add three boxed sets and close to 16 blisters of minis to the total of new figs coming in the door this weekend.

I think I need to have a garage sale to get rid of some of my older minis to make space for the new ones.