Inquisitor Pulp adventures

I’ve recently been assembling miniatures and terrain to use for some Weird War/WWII Pulp gaming. I’ve started writing some scenarios, ordered the minis and need to get a few terrain elements put together.

The rules I am going to be using are the .45 Adventure rules with the Amazing War Stories expansion from Ratttrap Productions.

I’ve also been reading the Ravenor titles by Dan Abnett which has actually got me thinking about using the .45 Adventure rules and the upcoming sci-fi expansion for those rules to create Inquisitor adventures based in the 40K universe.

Combined with the upcoming 40K RPG rulebook there might be enough material being produced to port stats over to the .45 Adventure framework and then game using those rules.

I’m quite excited about the idea. I have a large collection of Inquisitorial miniatures as well as “villians” from when I was writing an Inquisitorial “gang” for Necromunda. So once the rules come out and the RPG background is available I’ll be eagering getting down to having running gun fights with my Inquisitors.