Gamers are viral

The entire wargaming experience is often viral in nature. Zach was over last night for a small Flames of War demo and he mentioned that he had picked up and American Motorized Company and the new Festung Europa book. I had, until last night, been rather reticent about getting involved in the entire Late War period and so hadn’t picked the book up and wasn’t intending to do so.

Now that Zach is going to be gaming using the Late War books I immediately though to grab a copy myself and then realised that he had “infected” me with a new gaming genre.

And it seems as if a lot of gaming is often like that. You catch a “bug” from a friend or group of friends who play a particular game or genre and then the next thing you know you’re buying Festung Europa.

Well at least Darren will be happy to get another sale :-)