Winterguard army

Jamie came over Thursday might and we both tried out new Warmachine casters in our armies. Jamie tried Goreshade with his Cryx force and I tried Vlad. For the first time I might add. In addition I also added the Wingetguard UA and WA as well as Kell Balloch.

Jamie’s Cryx force was a horde of troops (Revenant crew, McThralls, Bile Thralls, Bloat Thrall and two Pistol Wraiths) with only two bonejacks. My Khador army had the typical Destroyer and Juggernaut and then a full Winteguard unit with the UA and WA. I added Kell Balloch to this army.

Kell once again made back his points by sniping the Revenant Quartermaster in the first turn. The Winterguard UA really transforms the unit. The Grapeshot ability is incredible against a horde or Cryx troops and the hasten ability combined with the grapeshot makes it easy to strip troops from a unit before they charge.

This was also the first game with Vlad and I found him to be a lot simpler to use than Sorcha. Blood of Kings turns him into a melee beast and Signs and Portents makes the army far more effective and saves you having to spend focus to boost 7+ to hit rolls in order to increase your odds of hitting.

All in all a fun game even with both Jamie and myself making some “beginner” mistakes using these new Warcasters.