Infinity rulebook arrives

Corvus Belli sent along a copy of the English Infinity rulebook and it just showed up today. It was actually a surprise as I thought that the review copy for TGN was going to be going to Grant for him to review. It appears though that they sent out two of them. Quite nice I have to say.

I’ve just glanced through it so far but it is packed with background, art and pictures of some painted samples of the Infinity range in “action” shots. The staff painter they have is amazing and the terrain for their photos is excellent as well.

The background material in the book is actually at the front of the book and the rules don’t start till page 127 of the book. So for fans of the game there is a lot of material to read through and absorb.

There are Infinity figs on route so once we have a chance to have a game or two I’ll post some comments.