FoW tournament tomorrow

I will be participating in a Flames of War tournament tomorrow. Which explains the painting. Its a small event… small in that the armies are only 600pts. I think there may be eight people showing up for the event.

I’ve decided to take a smattering of troops that do well in defence since I assume that there will be a lot of American motorised forces or even a lot of tank companies.

I have an AT section, a platoon of StuG D’s and two Panzerknacker teams in case I need to get “up close and personal” with some tanks. I had to paint up the rest of the StuG D platoon this weekend. I purchased a “handful” of StuGs when I first started gaming and didn’t realise that I only had one StuG D until after I had painted it.

The StuG D platoon is about the only armoured formation I can afford in a 600 pt army so I spent some time this weekend finishing up the second StuG as well as the Sdkfz 253 command vehicle.

Hopefully they will do well.