Tamiya sprays

I just finished the first of my 15mm Battlefront German WWII vehicles done using Tamiya German Grey spray. I was able to base coat about 30 vehicles and two AT guns in about an hour. A heck of a lot quicker than doing it by hand.

The models looks good and they match my other paint schemes but I found that the models that I had sprayed with the Tamiya seemed to be immune to washes. I’ve had the same thing happen with seven different miniatures now where the wash just beads up and flows off the vehicle.

Quite odd.

Hopefully I’ll be able to find a solution for that before I start work on my Tiger tanks and half tracks.



  1. Hit the Tamiya coat with a touch of matt varnish first maybe? I use Tamiya German Grey and Desert Yellow cans all the time. Never noticed this particular issue though! I hope they haven’t changed the formula…

  2. I was going to try hitting it with some Dullcoat and then trying

    Another suggestion was to add some PVA glue to the wash

  3. YES! So I am not the only one. I sprayed my BF Stug 3G with Tamiya Dark Yellow (prob the clost sprayable Dunkelgelb out there), and I have the same “stain” resistance you are seeing…

    I am probably going to stick with Testor Model master spray. I’ll just find a dark yellow-ish color, then highlight it with VJ Middlestone…

  4. I am slightly SOL in this respect as I have already purchased a large number of spray cans

    I should probably test out that Dullcoat idea today

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