FoW tournament results

Sunday was the 600pt Flames of War tournament at Strategies Games here in Vancouver. I was quite surprised to see that there were 14 people signed up and that in the end 12 showed for the event.

The event was four games and I was lucky to win two and lose two. Mind you the third game was very close and was scored 4:3 for my opponent.

I took a 600pt Grenadier force

1 x Company HQ
1 x Grenadier Plt (3 x Grenadier squads)
1 x HMG Plt (2 x HMG squads)
1 x AT plt (2 x PaK 38)
1 x Assault Gun plt (2 x StuG D, 1 x Sdkfz 251)

It turns out that I made a much better army choice than I originally thought as the force had enough AT to deal with most tank forces and also had the HMG section to deal with infantry.

It turns out that in the four games I played against three German forces. A bit of a problem but then its better than playing against three American motorised armies :-)

The 600pt games are played on a 4′ x 3′ table and since the armies only need a single combat platoon the forces had a very high amount of support weapons. It made for forces that had a lot of firepower and it also made the games, at least some of them, quite quick.

The next tournament will also be a 600pt event but it will be Late War and I am thinking of painting up my Soviet army for the event.


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