Pulp Inquisitor Weapon comments

Some comments on the weapons based on a question on TMP.

The stats are currently roughed first draft versions to be able to start doing some test games.

There are weapons with multiple shots such as the Autocannon, Heavy Stubber and Bolter.

Part of the issue with 40K games is that there are weapons that are almost identical in stats that are almost identical. Case in point is the Lasgun and the Autogun. In Necromunda the weapons are almost indistinguishable so part of the development process is going to be trying to use the added range bands and stats to try and create distinct weapons that are also still true to the 40K background.

Currently I have given the Autogun a higher Weapon Strength but given the Lasgun a longer range and made it more accurate.

Almost all of the weapons will need to be tweaked but I think that the Autogun may be given a multiple shot capability if only at short range.



  1. Is that the right way to do it? Maybe if weapons are not sufficiently distinct you should just lump them together like the original .45 rules do for historical Pistols/Rifles/SMGs etc?

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