Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer

Well its not related to any tabletop gaming but I have been playing a lot of Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer on the XBox 360.

I was a huge fan of the FIFA series from EA but really grew disenchanted with the game. My primary concerns were twofold. First, I felt that the game didn’t play in the same way that a real football game unfolded. Football has a particular flow and the FIFA game wasn’t accurately representing it. One of the biggest problems was that the players didn’t seem to have any awareness of the ball. Passes would whisper past a forward who would then move out of position. Passing into space was possible but only through a rather complicated set of button presses.

The second issue I had with the game is that it just didn’t seem to be fun any more. I played FIFA for two years and was very happy with it and then for the next two years I spent more times fighting with the controls and the player AI. No fun.

Recently I picked up a copy of Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer and I really can’t recommend the game highly enough. The players react like actual footballers. Defence is a lot more realistic and actually easy to manage. And the most important thing is that it is just fun. I recently had a game where a winger crossed in and a forward did a flying header to score a rather dramatic goal.

There are five different difficulty levels and each one scales well and provides a measured increase in difficulty from lower levels. And again, its just fun.

So if you are perhaps looking for a good football game then check out Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer .