AI initial impressions

I hesitate to enter this under “6mm” gaming since there is no way that the Aeronautica Imperialis (AI) minis are 6mm scale.

Last Thursday Zach came over and we had a game of AI using the Bomber escort scenario and some Ork and Imperial aircraft. The Orks were attempting to get their bombers off of the far table edge and the Imperials were attempting to stop them. Simple enough goals.

The game is unique for a GW game in two respects. It has an alternating activation sequence and it did not involve lots of units blowing up. In fact over the course of the game I lost one aircraft and Zach lost two.

The game appears to be very scenario driven with over 15 different scenarios in the book including some specifically for the campaign game.

The game also focuses more on manoeuvre and positioning more than raw combat power. Aircraft need to be positioned very carefully to be able to fire and the number of firing opportunities in the game was quite small.

Definitely an interesting game and we’ll be trying it again this Thursday to get some more experience prior to doing a review.