An Empire army aproaches

Things have been a bit quiet on the blog as of late as I have been busy with work and also busy assembling troops for a Warhammer Empire army.

I recently purged my collection of D&D Miniatures and have converted it into a Warhammer Empire boxed set and some additional troops. Zach has bitten the bug as well and has purchased some Lizardmen and we are going to be having some 500 point “Border Patrol” games this week.

The local Warmachine League has been moving along with quite a few people playing games. Next week is the last week and due to my holiday, a family trip and the Euro 2008 qualifiers I have missed three weeks. Hopefully I will be able to get some games in next week. Part of the problem might also be that the current league also comes at a high point in my own Warmachine playing and I am feeling like taking a bit of a break to play Hordes or something new.

Hence the Empire army.

Actually the Empire force is the result of two things. The new rules appear to clear up some of the issues with the Warhammer rules. I used to play it and was always interested in playing a similar “mass combat” game. The goal was to try and play Warhammer Ancient Battles but I didn’t see that I was going to be that successful trying to convert players to the game. So ultimately its easier for me to adjust to Warhammer than it would have been to get people playing WAB.

And I still have Warmaster Ancients if I want an Ancients fix.