Best Warmachine game ever

Played my final game in the Winter season of the Warmachine league yesterday and had a blast.

The dice were particularly impressive in this game as I was able to take out a Cygnar Gun Mage solo with a Winterguard Rocekteer (rolled double sixes to hit and we didn’t need to roll the damage dice :-). The climax came when my opponent had Epic Caine pop his feat and then rolled abysmally not only to hit (three misses requiring a 6 to hit) but also for damage.

One “Blood of Kings” spell, a 12″ charge and two boosted to hit rolls later and the game was over.

The game was really memorable for the heroic efforts of the Rocketeer. With my opponent’s single Warjack out of range he had nothing to do but try to take out Solos to help get me closer to getting my bounty. And rolling double sixes to evaporate a Gun Mage Solo was worth some sort of medal.