A change in Pulp rules

For some item I have been gathering minis and terrain to do some Weird WWII Pulp gaming. Originally I was intending to use the .45 Adventures rules from Rattrap Productions. I spent quite a time trying to figure out how to use the rules to make the sort of game that I wanted to play.Namely a large number of figs on a large table. Or, to be exact, a typically tabletop mini game.

Now .45 Adventures is a fine set of rules. They are also coming out with a new expansion that will have campaign rules making it even better for running continuing campaigns. The fact is though that what I really want is to have a game where each player has 10 – 20 minis on the table. Another problem with .45 Adventures is that it really doesn’t handle vehicles well.

I wanted to have a game with Nazi Zombie hordes, powered armour and giant walkers and the .45 Adventure rules aren’t intended to give that sort of game. So I am going to write my own skirmish rules to allow this sort of game to be played. I already had a series of minis that I picked up to use with the .45 Adventure rules and I have more than half painted and ready to go so we are going to be testing out the basics of the rules this week with some stats I wrote for the minis I have painted.

The rules will be based on the basic Warmachine system. The rules will be a new 2D6 based system that I will be writing. This is what I was going to do for my sci-fi rules. And to help that project along the Pulp game will use a “core” rule system that will then have additional rules created for the Pulp system. Ideally I’ll then be able to use it for the sci-fi system once I get the Pulp rules done.

The first set of stats are going to be for the British, US and Germans. I’ve written Zombie stats, stats for German Gas Troopers, US Airborne Rangers and a British Paranormal research team. We’ll be giving the stats a test and I’ll report back with the results of the first test game.

I posted some pictures at TGN of the Nazi Zombies from East Riding Miniatures that Dann Christensen painted for me. These are the first of what I hope are 20 zombies I will be using in the game.



  1. Wow… looking forward to seeing more on this – I’ve been contemplating a few settings for a sqaud/character based d10 system of my own…

    Keep posting!

  2. We’re going to have the first test game on Thursday or Friday. I had to revamp the stats and some of the combat rules a bit to avoid using any Warmachine concepts.

    Hope to have some pictures as well

  3. Have you checked out Savage World? They have a quick Start set of mini rules on their website, and is geared toward running large number of figures (and has no book keeping other than rules for handling CHaracters)… Worth a shot…

  4. Haven’t checked out the Savage World rules. My girlfriend plays the RPG but I am primarily interested in developing a core set of rules that I can also use for things like sci-fi gaming

  5. The Savage Wars as published is mainly an RPG, the “skirmish rules” (free for download) is meant to be a set of universal rules that can be used for a lot of things, including SciFi, Fantasy, and Weird WW2 (in fact they have a separate suppl for weird w2.

    They are here:

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