Warhammer Border Patrol game

Zach and I had our first 500 point Border Patrol with my Empire troops against his Lizardmen.

I have the feeling that we forgot more rules than we used. Still it was nice to get the troops on the table and have a game with them.

The Lizardmen Warriors are darned tough. And the Cold Blooded rule means that they are almost never going to flee or break.

The game went well for me with the exception of my Pistoliers who had a nice round of shooting against Zach’s Skinks but then took 14 shots at close range, lost three troops, failed a break test and then ran off the edge of the table.


My General did well but I think that my army has a slight advantage against Lizardmen at 500pts since my troops are generally cheaper than Zach’s Lizardmen. We talked a bit after the game and he is going to perhaps try an army with more Skinks in it next time.

All in all, a fun game and its time to hit the rulebook to see just how many rules we forgot while playing :-)