First Pulp game

Brian came over tonight and we had two games using the basic rudiments of the Geheimnisvollkrieg rules. The game have a small Nazi Zombie horde supplemented by German Gas Troopers fighting against a British Paranormal Team and a team of US Rangers.

The first game was a bit of a write-off as we quickly found that shooting was quickly eliminating the Zombies as well as anything else. A few quick rule additions and some stat changes and we got close to a fairly decent game.

In the second game I played the Germans and used the smoke grenades from the Gas Troopers to provide cover for the zombies as they shambled forward. Brian advanced with his paranormal team (they are immune from the Fear effects of the Zombies) and tried to get into combat with them but the lack of good ranged weapons meant that the Zombies were able to close and once they got into hand to hand combat the zombies ripped the Brits apart.

Quite a fun game even though the Zombies might be a little tough and the Brits needs some more rifles to make them more effective. One star of the game was the British Mystic who was using his Blessed Bolt spell to rip through the Zombies.

I’ll post some pictures of the games tomorrow.



  1. It was amazing to see the Mystic start to rip through Zombies. I do agree with you, it might be better to give the Brits more rifles, and you made a verbal suggestion of having a way of the British Occult team getting a way to shoot the zombies better, which could be cool.

    The Americans worked quite well, and the Germans seemed to be rather well balanced as well. Once we got a better sense on the attributes needed to get a good balance, I thought it was a great game!

    I had a lot of fun, and I’m really looking forward to giving another try at the game sometime! We might want to consider slightly more terrain next time too, at least with the number of models we had out.

    Looking forward to it!

  2. I think that the Mystic’s spell might have been a little too effective. As well, the hand to hand weapons were a little weak.

    Adding the ability to use the Pistol in CC as well as perhaps beefing up the close combat damage scores might have made the Brits a little more effective in close.

    The Zombies worked well I thought as did the Gas Troopers.

    More scenery is a must though as the ranged fire can quickly cut down your opponent

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