Pulp Army characteristics

Here is an outline of the troop types I am intending on creating stats for as the first part of the “Occult War” game. Update: I’ve modified the troop descriptions somewhat based on some recent research and some discussions about the focus of each army.


Each army will ideally consist of the following:

  • Two advanced characters
  • One basic troop type
  • Two additions for basic troop type
  • One advanced troop type
  • Two minor characters
  • One light walker/powered armour unit
  • One heavy walker or special equipment

American Army

The American Army can be characterized as focusing on technology and strong individual characters and solos. The background of the army is its core troops but the punch of the army will be walkers and powered armour supplemented by strong characters with advanced abilities.

German Army

The German Army is focused on supplementing their few walkers and powered armour troops with hordes of undead or specialist troops. German characters tend to be associated with undead; Zombie masters, Vampires and werewolves. The Germans also don’t have any add-ons for their basic troops as their resources are spent creating specialist troops instead.

British Army

The British Army is not as technologically advanced as the Germans or the Americans. They have some powered armour but no walkers. The forte of the British force is its solid army troops and the number of paranormal researchers and mystics. The British Army backs up its troops with spellcasters and researchers who are accustomed to dealing with the undead and have mystical weapons to combat them.

Troop suggestions

These are suggested troops types and arent finalized.

American Army

  • Super Soldier
  • Golden Man (Doc Savage)
  • Airborne Rangers
  • Ranger Mortar team
  • Ranger AT weapon team
  • Rocket Troopers
  • Buffalo Walker
  • Bazooka Walker
  • Mechanic
  • Ranger Captain

German Army

  • Vampire General
  • Stahlsturzhelm (Steel Helmet)
  • Gas Troops
  • Wehrmacht Infantry
  • Zombies
  • Emaciated Soldiers
  • Panzer Mecha
  • Powered Armour
  • Mad Scientist
  • Zombie Controller

British Army

  • Thomas Carnacki
  • Lord Constantine
  • Paranormal Team
  • Army infantry
  • PIAT team
  • Vickers HMG team
  • Dreadnought armour
  • Occult beam weapon
  • Sergeant Major
  • Mystic


  1. Very cool. Are you also thinking superheros (i.e. Captain America) type of stuff?
    Also a Russian Army steeped in Eastern mysticism (a la Rasputin) might be cool…

  2. The US Super Solider is a “Captain America” type. The characters in the game will be more Pulpish types of heroes as opposed to comic-book types.

    A soviet army will be planned as well but I need to find a source of Russian mecha or walkers and I need to find a theme for the army that fits with commercially available minis. The Rasputin theme would be an obvious example but I want to see what figs are out there to make it possible to build a force.

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