Pulp Power Armour

I got some new Project X Power Armour troops in the mail yesterday and I spent the evening assembling them in preparation for painting.

Dreadnought Armour
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This is the British Dreadnought armour with PIAT. The comparison troop is a Copplestone adventurer that is being used as part of the British Paranormal team.

German Armour
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The German Power Armour (with MG42 and a heavier assault cannon) next to a Pulp Figures Zeppelin trooper (being used as a gas Trooper) and an Artizan German WWII infantry troop with SMG.

US Power Armour
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And finally the US armour. Both models came with the Bazooka but I did a quick conversion on one miniature to add a shield and Power Maul to make it an infantry support model.



  1. Gotta say I like the appearance of the German Power Armor best – that said the American armor does look period appropriate..

  2. I think that they all seem very appropriate. The US armour is quite utilitarian and the British suit looks like someone banged some parts onto a diving suit.

    As well the US suit should fit in well with the Darkson Designs Buffalo Walker.

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