New AT-43 miniatures

Went to my FLGS today and picked up some of the new AT-43 releases. Specifically two of the Steel Tac Arm boxes, a Steel Trooper box and a Fire Toad box.

In general the miniature are painted much better than the figures in the Operation Damocles box. The Fire Toad is much cleaner and crisper and the Steel Troopers have more highlights on them. The Tac Arms are okay. I found the officer model rather difficult to assemble as the posts that the arms are meant to be placed on are oddly wider than the holes in the arms they are inserted into.

Still, quite happy with these new miniatures. If only the rulebook would show up so we can start playing.

Update: It has to be mentioned that the AT-43 Fire Toad, painted and with a cool shipping container terrain piece, is $20 Cdn cheaper than the GW Space Marine Dreadnought model. In the Dreadnought’s favour is the fact that it comes with more weapon options. But a game ready painted walker for less that GW’s equivalent mini? As soon as 10-12 year olds find this game GW is going to lose a huge chunk of its market.