Painted Powered Armour

Just some very quick photos of the Power Armour that we’ll be using in tomorrow’s test game.

German Power Armour Bazooka armour Infantry Support suit German and American armour

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Next to each suit is a 28mm scale Artizan mini. These are the first figures I have painted in close to a year and I really do need to get back into practice :-)

The US Infantry Support suit was actually drybrushed and inked to see how well that works as a painting technique. I have to say that I prefer the version that has blended highlights.



  1. You not painting in close to a year is still better than anything I’ve put out since I’ve started. They look good, this project is really coming together well for you! Looking forward to trying it out again.

  2. Thanks

    Its odd that I am now attempting a new painting style as well so it might be some time before I stop apologizing for my figs :-)

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