Rocket Troops

Almost finished. They need a coat of sealant and then they are done.

US Rocket Troops US Rocket Troops 2
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These are the first five of the ten Pulp Fiction Rocket Troops I have. I tried to paint them in more military colours but I used paints from the P3 paint range so they don’t match any US WWII military colours.

I am attempting to do a more stylized painting style that looks quite nice on the tabletop, I think, but not quite as nice up close and in pictures. I’m going to be experimenting with this style more with some of the other troops that I paint up, starting with the next set of US troops I will be doing.


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  1. I think it looks quite good in pictures (and I love those figs!) I think I need to try and do a slightly more stylized painting style myself, as it seems like you should be able to knock out figures quicker (and if they still look good….)

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