Pulp playtest game

Zach came over tonight and we had a test game with the new Power Armour, Rocket Troops and Wehrmacht troops. Pictures from the game are here.

The US forces consisted of

  • 4 Rangers with Sgt.
  • 4 Rocket Troopers with Leader
  • Marsh Power Armour with Bazooka
  • Marsh Power Armour with shield and Power Baton

The German forces were:

  • 10 Zombies
  • 1 Zombie Controller
  • 4 Wehrmacht Infantry with Leader
  • Power Armour suit with Autocannon

Zach quickly moved his Rangers into the woods where they stayed for the entire game. And why not, they get a concealment bonus are are difficult to hit in concealment terrain and so they spent the game shooting at Zombies from the protection of the woods. I immediately started to miss the German Gas Troopers from our earlier games as the Rangers were able to shoot at me with near impunity as I had nothing to hit back with due to their increased DEF value in the woods. Mortar teams are next on the agenda :-)

I moved my Wehrmacht Infantry into the woods near me and started shambling my Zombie horde forward. Since they only have a single Action Point (unless enraged by the Zombie Controller) they can’t run. My Power Armour suit lurked near a ruined wall so it could stay in cover until I figured out what to do with the Marsh Power Armour suit with the Bazooka. It could technically take out the German PA suit in a single shot.

Zach pushed his Rocket Troops forward and then put them on a hill as a first step to, I think , launching an attack with them. This proved to be a bit disastrous as they have a low armour value and so I started picking them off with my Wermacht troops and the German PA suit which used its Autocannon to possibley explode a few of the troops. Zach did manage to use the Rocket Attack ability (the trooper jets off in a straight line to crash into the target, knocking it off its feet)  of the Rocket Troop leader to almost kill my Zombie Controller but he then found himself in the midst of a pack of zombies who took him down.

The Rocket Troops are currently quite soft infantry so they need to be handled a bit more circuitously so for the next game I think I will try them myself and use them to launch flank and rear attacks against infantry. I also need to email Bob Murch to see if he has plans for any support weapon Rocket Troops.

Zach was decidedly unlucky with his  to-hit rolls with the Bazooka and so one of his Marsh PA suits wasn’t very effective but the suit armed with shield and Power Baton basically wasted the entire Zombie unit almsot on its own. I think that the unit might be a bit too powerful in close combat but it has a nice effect… certainly the intended one as it is a beast in combat.


So a few things to change from the game. The Rocket Trooper special abilities need to be fine tuned. The Zombies need to have a lower armour value but a higher Impervious rating (it allows them to ignore wounds… basically you shoot chunks out of them and it has no effect). The German PA suit needs to have its Autocannon stats lowered slightly and I need to add mortar teams to allow infantry to dig out other hidden and concealed troops.

Overall I think the game went well and it was nice to see that the troops were actually quite balanced even though I was just tossing units on the table based on a quick mental “guesstimate” about how effective they were.