New US troops and P3 Flesh Wash

I just finished doing five more US Airborne Rangers for my Weird WWII game. They actually don’t look too bad compared to the other five I have considering that the first five were done with the wrong jacket colours.

These minis were done with the P3 Flesh paints and the P3 Flesh Wash and I am really quite impressed with the results. The skin tones are great and the wash is quite subtle and gives a really great effect.

I’ll try to get a good picture of it tomorrow and post it but I am definitely tossing out my GW and Vallejo Flesh wash bottles.



  1. looking forward to seeing these!

    I was at my local hobby store yesterday looking at some more Flames of War stuff to add to my Germans, when I came across some old Gear Krieg minis… I hadn’t thought of it before but they’re about 1/100 scale – an easy fit with FoW! Could make for an interesting addition to the game…

  2. GW Flesh Wash has always struck me as being particularly useless for washing flesh because it’s far too red for that. I typically drop Indian Ink into my Flesh Wash bottles until I end up with a darker tone that’s more like W&N Chestnut ink.

  3. Never had feelings one way or the other for GW Flesh Wash or the Vallejo variety but I am very impressed with the P3 Flesh Wash.

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