Finalizing the army lists

Spent some time this morning trying to finalise the initial army lists for the Wierd WWII Pulp game. Everything is set with the exception of two units, an additional American character and a British minor character.

Each army will have:
2 characters
2 minor characters
6 units

There will be no large walkers in the initial release. I am currently planning to release walker stats and rules as the third expansion. The first will add new units, the second will add the Russians and then the third will add walkers.

The delay is to allow me to come up with a good DIY system to allow people to kitbash their own walkers.

I’m going to attempt to finish writing all of the fluff for the army lists and then post them here by, hopefully, Monday.

We’re having a test game tonight that will include the rules for mortars and there are also some of the Darkson Designs Emaciated troopers on their way, soon I hope, that will be added to the German forces and tested.

The current plans are to get all of the US and German troops written (and also bought and painted) and then work on the British army after that.