Please shut up

I was quite the religious reader of David Weber’s Honor Harrington series but I just had to put down the latest novel and move on to something else to read. After 190 pages the plot had barely moved. Why? Because the main characters couldn’t shut up. And if Weber wasn’t having the characters discuss the minutia of their motivations or plans he was providing background information to provide the context for all the discussions.


Mind you the latter is probably necessary due to the extreme depth of the series but after 190 pages I would expect something momentous to happen. Remember when books were often only 190 pages?

The other factor that helped me decide to toss the book aside is the continuing development of the Treecats as actual characters. The Treecats were okay when they were plot devices. But as characters? Who can now use sign language? It just has these creepy feel that you get when you go into a person’s house and see them with 20 or 30 cats… all of whom are dressed as characters from Pride and Prejudice. Weber really has these “creepy cat lady” vibe going with the way the Treecats have developed and I for one came to the series to read about space combat and not about cats.

Perhaps I might reread some of the older novels to get a space combat fix.



  1. Whatever you do, avoid John Ringo’s books. He repeats himself a lot, all of his characters become superheroes and all of the women are these buxom blondes that desperately need men. It gets really boring really fast.

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