New German minis

I just finished up four new German AT teams. Two with Panzerfausts and two with Panzerschrek. These are all Artizan Designs 28mm scale German miniatures and I was quite pleased with how they turned out but also with the minis themselves.

Group shot Panzerfausts Panzerschreks

These are part of my German force for my Weird WWII Pulp game. Now I need to get the American Bazooka teams painted and then the US mortar team. Then perhaps some more of the German Gas Troopers.



  1. So after not painting for nearly a year, you decided to make it all up in one go?

    You really seem to be chewing through the troops rapidly now. And I’m jealous!

  2. I’ve actually slowed down a bit the last few weeks :-)

    I like painting and its nice to know that my inability to do so previously was due to the arthritis and not due to lack of interest.

    Prior to my new medication I couldn’t sit to paint for more than 15 minutes and now I can actually sit and paint through whole stages of a series of minis. It makes it easier to burn through figs when you can actually work on multiple stages at a time.

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