Darkson Emaciated troopers

The mail brought a nice surprise today in the form of a package with some miniatures from Darkson Designs in them. To be precise, three of the German Emaciated Troopers and the Mad Doktor from their AE-WWII range.

So I took a few moments to assemble the troopers and take some quick pictures.

Emaciated trooper and US Ranger Emaciated troopers group
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They figures are quite detailed and the Emaciated Troopers live up to their names are they are quite gaunt when compared to the Artisan Designs US Rangers I also have on the table.

The figs are in size though with the other Pulp 28mm minis I have and they look quite nasty with their pincer claws and modified hands.

The figures come with two different heads (both are equipped with rebreather masks) and the main claw hand and one of three other hands. One of which has a sharpened metal punching spike.

Assembly was quick and the arms can go on either side which helps to keep the minis looking different. The main body consists of the torso and legs and they are all the same. The head and arms are separate and this is the only source of possible posing in the minis.

Very nice looking figs though and they should be fun to paint up and get into my games.