AT-43 game

We managed to get two games of AT-43 running last night. The nice think about a 4′ x 8′ table is that its easy to have concurrent 4′ x 4′ games running.

Zach and I faced off with his Therians attacking my UNA force and Brett and Tim had a similar game.  One of the tables was built using my Cities of Death terrain and the other was built using the City Grounds set with some Necromunda terrain. I took some quick photos and I’ll post those later today.

This was my first game with the full rules and the UNA army book and I was actually pleasantly surprised by the game. There is a bit of a lack of detail in some aspects of the rules. Terrain is pretty much only to gain cover or block LOS and there isn’t any set of rules for moving through difficult terrain or moving vertically in the game.

The various Drills in the game are quite useful and Overwatch is deadly. Standing out in the open in this game is a surefire way to get killed. Taking cover in terrain is quite useful and we had a few instances where units taking cover were saved from significant mauling due to to the additional cover save.

The  vehicle damage rules are a nice addition and worked well.

Combat is pretty deadly in the game and  ranged combat can vary in effect quite a bit depending on the accuracy of the weapon. Unlike other systems AT-43 allows for the possibility of having accurate and inaccurate weapons on the same vehicle or unit.

The biggest “hit” for me was the allowance in the rules for actions that can’t hit or damage or, obversely, actions that can’t miss or always damage. The one thing that does bother me in some systems (40K is really bad for this) is that you can always hit with powerful weapons but still not damage a unit. Not so in AT-43. The Lasers on my Tac-arms and Fire Toads just rip through Therian troops and there is nothing that can save them.

Sadly though the same is true for the weapons on the Therian Bane Goliath and my Star Troopers :-(

It was quite nice having all painted figs on a table for a change and the UNA troops really blended in with the Cities of Death terrain I have. Prompting me to build some more :-)

So a fun game and easy to play. Can’t wait to try it again.