Looking for a unit suggestion

I am casting about for a new unit to add to the troops for the American army list for the Pulp rules I am working on.

Currently the Americans have

  • Super Soldier (character)
  • Airborne Rangers
  • Ranger Mortar team
  • Ranger AT weapon team
  • Ranger Captain
  • Rocket Troops
  • Buffalo Infantry Armour
  • Marsh Infantry Armour
  • Mechanic

I need one more unit of troops and was looking for something “high tech” in a 1940’s sense but that could be done with 28mm miniatures currently available.

For comparison the Germans currently have

  • Gas Troopers
  • Wehrmacht Infantry
  • Wehmacht AT Team
  • Zombies
  • Zombie Controller
  • Zusammengebaute Soldaten
  • Panzerkampfanzug 1A
  • Thule Society Doctor
  • Thule Society Shocktrooper

So I need to find a unit similar to the Thule Shocktroopers for the Americans. Not just infantry but troops with some neat equipment or perhaps some technological advantage.

I am also contemplating removing the US Mechanic and replacing it with an OSS Agent so I have an excuse to use the new Darkson mini.



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