I am in the final stages of work on three of the Darkson Designs Emaciated troopers and I found it interesting that I appear to be able to burn through painting three or four miniatures at a time but I seem to balk at trying to paint 6 to 10 miniatures.

I have a unit of Circle Druids on my painting table and in the time that they have been there I have painted 12 other miniatures.  And yet I have avoided, and still do avoid, painting the Druids despite that fact that I could conceivably painted the entire unit twice in that time.

It makes me curious as to what it is about that number of figs that causes me to avoid painting them.


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  1. Are the Circle Druids all similar figures? I find painting units can get soul destroyingly dull eventually. That’s why I like Pulp so much I guess, because almost every figure is unique.

  2. Similarish. There are three different models in the unit of six figs. So its not too bad.

    IAINM I have yet to paint the same Pulp mini at all. Even with the Pulp Figures Zeppelin troops which come in sets of five.

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