Final German troop choices

I’ve finalised the list of German troops available in the game. They are:

  • Gas Troopers
  • Wehrmacht Infantry
  • Wehmacht AT Team
  • Zombies
  • Zombie Controller
  • Zusammengebaute Soldaten
  • Panzerkampfanzug 1A
  • Thule Society Doctor
  • Thule Society Shocktroopers

I have miniatures for everything but the Thule Society Shocktroopers and I have just recently ordered some Artizan Designs Nacht Jaegers to use for them.

What is even more shocking is that I already have painted miniatures for almost every unit in this list. I only need to paint the Thule Society Doctor and I will have everything painted as well. Frightening for me :-)

The miniatures I am using for each troop type are:

The idea has been, from the beginning, to build the game from miniatures that are easily available to gamers. So not only should the minis be available but they should ideally be available from multiple sources. So gamers should be able to easily buy these miniatures online.

Next up is to finalise the American list and then start writing the rules. I have the core systems jotted down as notes so now I need to compile it all into a single document. And then the testing will begin.



  1. Nice selection there Zac – how do the different ranges measure up in scale? I think you mentioned you were thinking of basing the rules on Warmachine – have you thought about some ideas from the Infinity engine? It’s the best system for ‘modern’ combat I’ve seen and quite different from the morass of similar games that have some basis in Warhammer. Best thing about it is that it allows individual minis to have a lot more utility than in most systems – allowing your grunts to have more visibility than just cannon fodder for major characters/warjacks/whathaveyou.

  2. The minis are scale very well and I’ve not seen anything that looks out of place.

    That said, the Darkson Designs figs are sculpted in a very human proportions much like the Rackham Confrontation minis so they do appear to be a bit smaller and thinner than the other minis.

    They still look nice though

    The system really bears no relationship to Warmachine at this point other than using 2D6.

    I like the Infinity system but this game will have more models on the table and Infinity doesn’t scale very well. Our test games had 20 minis a side and that is close to three times what our Infinity games had

  3. Hmm, I was looking at picking up a few Darkson figs, may wait a bit to see how the range fleshes out then. Good point about the size of games – Infinity does get a bit messy with 20 or so minis, that’s for sure.

  4. The Emaciated Troopers look fine, the lack of heft to the minis just make them look gaunt. I’m going to paint the Docktor up this week and then I’ll be in a better place to judge how it looks.

    They have quite a few figs in the range at the moment and it looks like its going to develop into an interesting range.

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