Tannhauser miniatures

I just received two sets of the plastic Tannhaüser miniatures in the mail yesterday and assembled them and took some photos so you can see the miniatures as well as compare them to some existing 28mm scale figures.

Reich 1 Reich 2 Union 1Union 2 Comparison 1 Comparison 2

The figures are made from a standard plastic that is slightly softer than the GW plastic but still works with standard model glue. All of the miniatures with the exception of the German officer in cap are multi-part figures. In an interesting twist all of the parts have a tab that can only be inserted one way and only match one model. So there is no way to assemble the figures incorrectly or to mismatch parts. The downside is that there are not a lot of options for posing unless you want to eliminate those tabs and reposition some of the limbs. Even then, some of the figures can only be assembled one way.

It was very simple to assemble the figures because of these tabs. The hands that were attached to weapons fit easily into the arms and stayed inserted even without glue. Anyone thinking about making plastic miniatures should take a look at these.

The figs were created for a board game and so the scale is slightly off on some of the miniatures. Two of the Reich models (the officer and the female trooper) are quite small in comparison with the other minis that all appear to be a uniform 32mm scale.

That said, these should all work well with other 28mm scale miniatures as long as they are not realistically proportioned like the Darkson Designs miniatures. The only exception might be the heavy weapon troop as between his large size and the gun he is holding the figure is quite bulky/

Needless to say these will work quite well with the North Star Project-X minis.

All in all a nice set of figures and all very well suited for Pulp personality figures. Even the basic Reich trooper looks a little too full of character for a “grunt”.