New miniatures arrived

Had two packages of miniatures arrive in the mail today. My Artizan Designs order came in with the Nacht Jaegers that I will be using for the Thule Stormtroopers. Dylan at Artizan also sent along a Nacht Jaeger officer that they are going to be releasing soon and I must say that it makes a great addition to the Nacht Jaeger set. The trooper has his helmet off and is wearing an eye patch. Great mini

Next up was a sizeable order from West Wind. I ordered some of their US Armoured Infantry to use for the OSS Field Team, more German Zombies (12 in fact) and some of the new West Wind werewolves.

And the day before that my order from North Star of more US Power Armour troops, showed up.

So in total I have received close to 35 miniatures this week.



  1. Xmas has come sixth months early :).

    I love Artizan’s figures. To heck with Spartans I say, give us more DAK Jerries and Pulp villains!

  2. Xmas has come sixth months early :)

    Christmas is such a low key affair here that on a good month I pick up more minis that I get at Christmas

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