Hordes gaming

Pawel and I got together last night to have a 500 point Hordes game last night at the Trumpeter Club Friday Game night.

Pawel has his Everblight force (Blighted Archers and Swordsmen, Forsaken, Seraph, Carnivean, two Shredders and Lylyth) and I pulled out my Circle army. I’ve been playing around with using Baldur and  the Woldwatcher and Woldwarden but failed to realise last night that it left me with only 5 possible points of Fury generated each tur. Oops.

The rest of the army was a unit of Tharn Ravagers, a unit of Druids,  the Shifting Stones, and the Lord of the Feast.

My first turn launch of the Lord of the Feast worked well as I was able to attack and destroy the leader from his Blighter Archers but I really should have attacked the Swordsmen instead. The Archers are still quite effective without their Leader since their abilities are all unit abilities and not orders. Without their leader the Swordsmen would have required Lylyth to get them to charge.

Pawel and I played the “charged distance” stand-off on one flank with his Swordsmen trying to stay out of range of my Ravagers.  This went on for a few turns until I needed to get my Ravagers into a position to attack the centre of Pawel’s army after he concentrated his Seraph and Carnivean there.

In the end Pawel was able to take out most of my army and then kill Baldur.

Lessons learned:

I think that the concentration of Elemental Constructs with Baldur requires  a 750 point level to be really effective. The constructs are expensive and at 500 points that doesn’t give you a lot of flexibility.

The Lord of the Feast Launcher with the Shifting Stones is quite effective but you need to pick a good target to try and remove a leader from.

I realise now that I was having a lot more fun with Kaya and so I might go back to using her for a while.

The  Carnivean’s breath weapon is a lot more effective than I would have thought. It took out my Shifting Stones and 2/3s of my Ravagers.



  1. I’ve always thought that Kaya was quite a strong warlock in your hands. How did you enjoy Krueger when you were playing him more intensely the last little while?

    I’ve faced the charging Swordsmen as well, and they are SICK! Against Everblight, they are now one of my top priorities every time.

    How did the druids perform for you?

  2. Kreuger was interesting. I didn’t really play him as much as I could have. Not sure why.

    The Druids did well defensively. Counter Magic basically shut Pawel down but they don’t do well with their magic attacks against Blighted Swordsmen due to their high DEF. I think they need a softer unit to try to attack but as a buff and magic shield they worked great

  3. I know I faced the Druids and they ripped a new hole in my Champions unit. Try targetting them with their one big uber-attack (the name escapes me right now) on a lower DEF target, especially multiple ones. I bet you that you’ll see great results against warbeasts (eg. you could eat or at least cripple a bunch of Shredders if they’re all clumped up)

  4. The attack is still an unboostable POW 10 attack so I don’t see the point behind hitting Warbeasts with it at all.

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