More crazy GW Canada pricing

It appears that GW Canada is shooting itself in the foot again with the pricing of the Might Empires expansion. The Canadian price is $65.00 and the US price is $45.00. Which equates an exchange rate that puts the Canadian dollar at 0.69 US. Something that hasn’t been the case since January of 2003.

The current exchange rate puts the actual price at about $48 Cnd. Which means that Canadian gamers are paying $17 Cnd more than what the price would be if we bought it from the US.

I was considering picking up two sets but there is really no way I would do this from a Canadian retailer now. Why pay an additional $34 for a product that I can get from the US for less.

And if I am buying from the US why not buy it from an online retailer that offers discounts? That makes the price differential even more outrageous.

Little wonder that GW Canada is in such a sad state if they continue to push their customers to buy from US retailers.

Update: Purchased two sets from an online retailer in the US for a total savings of $54 Canadian. Bloody ridiculous.